Paul Willard & Helen Donnison teaching dance - Modern Jive

What are we all about?

Dance Connection is all about teaching partner dancing, having heaps of fun, and providing a cool place to hang out and socialise. We teach modern jive, a simple dance style that was developed in the 1980’s from dances such as swing, lindy hop and rock and roll.

Modern jive can be danced to current popular music as well as popular classics. Show off your moves at pubs, clubs, weddings and other social events – and especially at our Friday night Dance Party Club!

Paul and Helen are a fun couple, who love to dance, and want to share their enthusiasm (and their moves) with you.


Dancing is a great way to keep fit and have fun. Modern jive is easy to learn for first-time dancers – yes even those with two left feet, yet it still provides an opportunity to challenge more accomplished dancers.

We offer private tuition for wedding dances, team building for businesses, workshops, dance parties, and lots of social dancing.

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