Intermediate 07-08-2017

With Jason and Berdine Catchpole

Intermediate 24-07-2017 Hammerlock -> man swing Ballroom drop Basket breakout Nigel's swizzle

Intermediate 12-06-2017 Rollercoaster wrap Man's thread the needle Salsa drop Two handed catapult

intermediate 22-05-2017 Hip stop Nigel's swizzle -> Brisbane lean Ballroom drop Right hand Latin cross Manhattan forward transfer

Intermediate 15-05-2017 Hip stop Reverse Catapult Veil layback Slow shimmy layback

intermediate 03-04-2017 Whirlwind hammerlock -> man swing Sweetheart Latin roll in Zouk teapot

Intermediate 13-03-2017 Thread the needle Illusion turn, yoyo lunge Loop through seducer Double Rondé

Intermediate 27-02-2017 First move lean back Lean away -> sit Man duck through Reverse catapult duck under exit

Intermediate 20-02-2017 Man swizzle Right hand catapult slide First move lean back Half Latin cross

Intermediate 06-02-2017 Seduckunder Latin roll in sit Should block Double man comb Hammerlock lock walk turn out

Intermediate 23-01-2017 Basket breakout -> duck under Archie west side turn First move block 2x Ballroom drop

Intermediate 05-12-2016 Veil layback Double hand man comb Shoulder block loop around Pivot

Intermediate 28-11-2016 Shoulder block 1 arm drop Swan lift Kneel lift sit (Neil) Veil layback

Intermediate 21-11-2016 Hammer lock double spin Shoulder block 1 arm drop Right hand traveling return Hammer lock seducer

Weekend off for our wedding

So this passed weekend Paul and Helen got married, that's why we didn't teach on Monday 30th October 🙂 Understandable right ? So here is a couple of videos from the night Our first dance: Or Wedding Waltz  ...

Intermediate 24-10-2016 Crossbow pretzel Kentucky breakout Secret knot seducer Roller coaster side dip

Intermediate 17-10-2016 Crossbow pretzel Reverse traveling Brisbane comb, elbow exit Double sombrero Swing basket

Intermediate 10-10-2016 Kiakoura turn sway Wellington gocat lunge Double sombrero Reverse traveling Brisbane comb, elbow exit

Intermediate 03-10-2016 Left side step across, slide Wellington gocat lunge Catapult lean Traveling right side archie Kaikoura turn sway

intermediate 26-09-2016 Accordion double comb sit Man guitar Left hand seducer Traveling right side archie


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